How to Enter or Edit Boot Flags in Clover Mac for Pc


Step by step instructions to Enter/Edit Boot Flags in Clover

To boot OS X with regular elective boot choices, for example, Verbose Mode, Safe Mode, Single User Mode, and Without Caches, basically hit spacebar on the Clover Boot Screen.

For testing, you can enter substitute banners at boot time as follows:

1. At Clover Boot Screen click/feature Options and hit Enter

2. Feature Boot Args: and hit Enter

3. Move bolt keys to end of line, type wanted banner, and hit Enter

4. Press Escape to come back to the underlying Clover Boot Screen

Note, this won’t for all time alter/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist. Whenever wanted, alter the config.plist by for all time adding to the Boot/contentions segment.


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